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Current Master of Science students

  1. Bence Mány: Algorithm development for ultrasound-based robotic artery detection system
  2. Broch Sznit Marek: Motion Estimation in Ultrasound Imaging
  3. Emil Kristiansen: Super resolution ultrasound imaging using deep learning

Current Bachelor of Science students

  1. Johann Abildgaard: High-density red blood cell tracking in super-resolution ultrasound imaging

Previous Master of Science students

  1. Christine Aksten: Beamforming for Fast 3D Acquisition with Matrix Transducer, January, 2023
  2. Sebastian Kazmarek Præsius: Real time SURE image processing, June 2022
  3. Shamal Surain Kurukuladithyaand and Malmindi Ariyasinghe: Pressure Gradient Estimation Using Ultrasound, December 2020
  4. Lasse Thumann Jørgensen: Synthetic aperture vector flow imaging using a row column ultrasound, August, August, 2019
  5. Marion Pascale Michele Lopez: Finite element modeling of the biomechanics of the heart, June 2018
  6. Guillermo Santiago Galan Olleros: Ultrasound synthetic aperture slow flow imaging, August 2018
  7. Antonio Plaza Castro: 3D imaging with row-column probe and dual stage beamforming, July 2018
  8. Rasmus Hvid: 3D cardiac simulation model for validating ultrasound vector flow imaging, January, 2018
  9. Sophie Nielsen: Development of computational fluid dynamic models for validation of ultrasound pressure gradient estimation, January, 2018
  10. Rikke Egstrand Andersen: Finite element model of the human heart, July, 2017
  11. Charlotte Bølling Mikkelsen and Lilly Svanberg Cordes: Investigation of pressure fields in arterial stenoses using catheters and 3D finite element models, July, 2017
  12. Mikkel Schou: Spatial matched filter focusing in ultrasound, July, 2017
  13. Niclas Møller: Pressure fields derived using 3-D simulation models and catheter measurements, January 2017
  14. Marie Frisenfeldt Horn: Adaptive spectral Doppler ultrasound using sparse sampling sequence, July 2016
  15. Chris Hedegaard Henriksen: Ultrasonic wound volume estimation, June 2015
  16. Carlos Moreno López: Visualization of 3-D vector velocity data, May, 2014
  17. Jonas Jensen: Flow rate estimation using ultrasound data, March 2014
  18. Esben Jensen Jern: Dual stage ultrasound beamforming, February 2014
  19. Maj-Brit Bech Lovbo: Tissue-blood discrimination in medical ultrasound imaging, August 2013
  20. Jacob Bjerring Olesen: Measurement of pressure gradients with ultrasound, August 2012
  21. Jønne Marcher: Vector Velocity Imaging using a Commercial Scanner, June 2012
  22. Christian Garde: Quantifying the Bioacoustic Effect on Bacterial Resistance to Antibiotics, June, 2011
  23. Morten Fischer Rasmussen: 3D Ultrasound imaging, April, 2011
  24. Julia Sakshaug: Simulator for sound propagation in fractal media, April, 2011
  25. Helgi W. Olsen: Quantification of human skeletal muscle blood flow with the contrast enhanced ultrasound technique, March, 2011
  26. Michael Pihl: Implementation of ultrasound vector flow imaging, May, 2009
  27. Lasse Henze: Ultrasound flow estimation, December, 2008
  28. Oline Vinter Olesen: Motion Correction in High Resolution PET Brain Imaging, 2008
  29. Bjarke Beck Sørensen: Sparse spectral velocity estimation in ultrasound, May, 2007
  30. Iben Kraglund Holfort: In-vivo vector velocity estimation using ultrasound, August, 2006
  31. Henrik Andresen: Three-dimensional ultrasound imaging using a rotating array, March, 2006
  32. Klaus S. Andersen: Pressure measurements using non-linear contrast agents, February, 2006
  33. Nicolas Reyna Satina: Non-linear ultrasound imaging, February, 2006
  34. Ibrahim Bolic: Plane wave vector flow imaging, september, 2005.
  35. Lasse Henningsen: Real-time ultrasound imaging, september, 2005.
  36. Thomas Algreen Petersen: Transverse flow estimation, august, 2005.
  37. Peter Santen and Ola Bjuvsten: 3D Synthetic Aperture imaging, February 2005.
  38. Niels Oddershede: Synthetic aperture flow imaging, December 2004.
  39. Jacob Willadsen: Investigation of synthetic aperture ultrasound for cardiac imaging, August 2004.
  40. Jacob Kortbek: Angle estimation for vector flow ultrasound, August 2004
  41. Lars Anthonisen: Real-time interface til eksperimentel ultralydsskanner, (in Danish), January, 2003.
  42. Christian Simonsen: Higher framerate in medical ultrasound: Interpolation in the transverse direction and detection of probe movement, January, 2003.
  43. Sara Gustavsson: Parallel algorithms for ultrasound beamformation, December, 2002.
  44. Anders Melchiorsen: A library for parallel computations in Matlab, March, 2002.
  45. Awarded the Danish Engineering Association Electrofoundation prize for the best Electrical Engineering Master of Science project in 2002.
  46. Anders H. Thomsen: Removing the room in audio reproduction (in Danish), February, 2002.
  47. Rasmus Tim Bjerngaard: Transverse blood flow estimation and effective coded excitation using ultrasound (part 1), (part 2), September, 2001.
  48. Kim Gammelmark: Multi-element synthetic transmit aperture imaging using temporal encoding, August, 2001.
  49. Niels Kofod: Deconvolution of ultrasound images using a Wiener filter (in Danish), February 2001.
  50. Juan Pablo Gomez: Hardware accelerated ultrasound visualization system, June 2000.
  51. Martin Hansen: Implementation of transversal flow (in Danish), November 1999.
  52. Isabel R. Lacasa: Estimation of blood velocities with ultrasound, March, 1999.
  53. Kim Hansen: Signal processing in Gamma camera (in Danish), 1998.
  54. Peter Munk: Estimation of the 2D flow vector in ultrasonic imaging: A new approach, 1996.
  55. Jesper L. Jensen: Multi-processor system for digital signal processing (in Danish), 1996
  56. Henrik Klebæk: Neurale network for estimation of ultrasound signals (in Danish), 1996.
  57. Hassan Hedayati: Tele transmission of ECG signals from pacemaker patients (in Danish), 1995.
  58. Allan Jørgensen og Claus Buelund: Secam-pal transcoder (in Danish), 1995.
  59. Anders Nielsen: Improvement of the signal-to-noise ratio in medical ultrasound (in Danish), 1994.

Previous Bachelor of Science students

  1. Helene Aamaas: Implementing frequency modulation chirps on modern commercial scanners, April, 2022
  2. Emil Kristiansen: Tracking of targets using deep learning, May, 2020
  3. Frederikke Hübenbecker Poulsen: Investigation of material properties and outlet conditions in carotid phantoms, Feburary, 2019
  4. Marianne Hecht-Hansen: Development of anatomically realistic phantom models of the carotid artery, August 2018
  5. Andreas Brink-Kjær and Philip Tamimi-Sarnikowski: Automatic segmentation of vessels in in-vivo ultrasound scans, June 2016
  6. Frederik Bo Pedersen and Hans Xu Schwartzlose: Simulation of flow in the carotid artery, June 2016
  7. Kristoffer Baldur Nørregård Hansen: Super resolution imaging in ultrasound, June 2016
  8. Niclas Møller and Sigbjørn Hokland: Estimation of Pulse Wave Velocity using Synthetic Aperture Ultrasound, June 2015
  9. Emil Munthe and Iben Hervold Bruun: Feasibility study of sidelobe reduction techniques for Synthetic Aperture Sequential Beamforming, May 2014
  10. Helia Relano Iborra: Characterization of Ultrasound Transducers, February 2014
  11. Astrid Langhorn Ottosen and Julie Hyldstrup Olsen: Intima media thickness measurement in the carotid artery using ultrasound, June 2013
  12. Andreas Krebs: Implementation of Blood Velocity Estimator on a GPU, June 2013
  13. Maria Gabe and Christoffer Laier: Optimal Acoustic Output Level for Contrast Harmonic Imaging, June 2012
  14. Søren Leth and Jakob Busk Sørensen: Visualisering af 3D ultralydsbilleder, June 2012
  15. Magnus Lynge Jacobsen: Compound Imaging using Synthetic Aperture Sequential Beamforming, June 2012
  16. Anders Pedersen Bruun: Ultrasound scanner user interface using OpenGL acceleration, Juni, 2011
  17. Mikkel Stræde Rahbek and Asbjørn Dregart Larsen: Patient-Specific Ultrasound Imaging, Juni, 2011
  18. Casper Bo Jensen and Jonas Jensen: Speckle reduction in ultrasound images, Juni, 2011
  19. Daniel Andreasen and Tue Steen Madsen: Evaluation of medical ultrasound image quality, June, 2010
  20. Martin Christian Axelsen and Kristian Frostholm Røeboe: Patient-Specific Ultrasound Imaging, June, 2010
  21. Farid Sattari: VHDL implementation of velocity estimator, June, 2010
  22. Julie Brinck Jensen and Gertrud Laura Sørensen: Pulse wave velocity measured with ultrasound, June, 2008.
  23. Sara Klingenberg Møllenbach: Spectral estimation in medical ultrasound, June, 2008.
  24. Nikolaj Frogner Krusell and Thomas Bentsen: Catheter off detection, June, 2007.
  25. Kristian Villien: Implementation of codede excitation, March, 2005.
  26. Klaus S. Andersen: Spectral velocity estimation in ultrasound, February 2004.

Older MSc projects

  1. Audio power amplifier with digitally controlled power supply and high efficiency.
  2. Real time audio FFT analyzer.
  3. Digital preamplifier.
  4. Digital audio tape system.
  5. Phonetic analyzer (I).
  6. Adaptive equalizer.
  7. Implementation of deconvolution algorithms on a signal processor.
  8. Phonetic analyzer (II).
  9. Transputer system with T800 transputer.
  10. Lattice filter estimation of ultrasound pulses.
  11. Sampling and transputer system for ultrasound signals.
  12. Real time blood velocity estimation using ultrasound and cross-correlation.

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