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The aim of the Summer School is to give a graduate-level introduction to advanced ultrasound imaging and its theoretical basis. This includes the concepts of linear acoustic systems, simulation, synthetic aperture, plane wave and super resolution imaging along with flow estimation in both 2-D and 3-D. The course consists of a set of lectures given by international experts in ultrasound imaging and signal processing, and a number of exercises following each lecture. The exercises utilize Matlab and the Field II program for the simulation of ultrasound imaging systems.


  • Linear acoustics and spatial impulse responses
  • Imaging with dynamic focusing and apodization
  • Flow estimation in conventional and fast systems
  • Synthetic aperture B-mode and flow imaging
  • Plane wave imaging
  • 3-D row-column beamforming and flow imaging
  • Super resolution imaging
  • CMUT transducers
  • Use of contrast agents
  • Data acquisition with Verasonics scanners and data processing
  • Project work and hands on exercises

A working knowledge of Matlab is needed to complete the exercises. No prior knowledge of the ultrasound simulation program Field II is needed, although it would be beneficial.

The course is open for Ph.D. students and researchers interested in acoustics and medical ultrasound imaging.

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